Breaking Programming Stereotypes

There are lots and lots of programming stereotypes. Most of you must’ve faced few in your real life without even knowing it. But, the type I faced is very common. I am talking about “Girl’s can’t code”. Throughout my university life I was the victim of this stereotyping due to the stereo-typist class mates, teachers and so and so. Victim may be too much to describe it, but the kind of suffering I faced, the first word that came was this. I lost my confidence when it came to coding and I became afraid of doing it. And, that was it for me. That was the END for me in IT industry I thought.

What I used to think was, “Who would actually hire me? I can’t code and I don’t know programming.”, “They don’t hire girls in IT industry”. It was until the time I started my career in IT industry. But, when I did? Baaaammm! I realized I was in the wrong place the whole time. Organizations actually hired me for my skills, motivation and determination. They saw that capacity in me that was so hard for my teachers and class mates to measure. I did variety of internships in variety of languages and wrote the code with my own hands.I can’t believe this was actually happening. What I needed was guidance and “You can do it” attitude. You don’t achieve anything without struggle and regrets. What I regret the most is wastage of time. Everything will come back to you eventually but the time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and there’s no going back.

All I needed was to untie the knot of my mind. That stereo-typist knot called “Girl’s can’t code”. Believe me there’s nothing in this world that you can’t do. You just need If they can do it, I can do it kind of attitude in your life and there you go, that’s the beginning to achieve big. Only if I realized all this a lot earlier, life would’ve been a lot more easier now. Like I already said my only regret is TIME.

What I an achieving today is the fruit of the struggle I faced in starting my career. I feel the pain of the struggle all of you are facing in starting your career. We need guidance in starting our career, a paved way to be precise. I don’t wan’t people to struggle like I did due to lack of information and guidance. So, I’ll be sharing IT related tips, tricks and hacks to get things done easily. These would be from my experience of doing projects at workplace.

In the end, I want the IT related females to BREAK such STEREOTYPES and free yourselves. And, I want the males to UNDERSTAND and to HELP them.



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